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Astrological Compatibility 

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Will your new friend become a mate? And will it work??

How compatible are you with your partner?

 What is your relationship about?



 With these astrological compatibility reports, based on zodiacal sign's meanings, you can take a fascinating new look at your lovers, family and friendships... and your business contacts, too!

These compatibility reports are calculated with the birth data of each individual to determine their signs, planetary positions, and aspects, in order to describe how two people with different habits and characters influence each other.

Will you manage to get along?


How can you learn to accept each other?


Which parts of your personalities will help to develop relationship and which will resist it?


Using these astrological compatibility reports you will be able improve your communication with significant others easily and with wisdom

Is love blind? 

Love may not be totally blind but it is not so capable of the kind of detached analysis that can be derived from a scientific study of the astrological compatibility potentials indicated by the interplay of two horoscopes. It is a fact that no two relationships are alike and that no two people see us in exactly the same light.

It is hard to understand why one person can agitate an oversensitive area of our psyches and another can put us completely at ease. 

However, with a detailed comparison of the horoscope of two people we can estimate the degree of compatibility between them and the type of adjustment each will need to make in order to achieve a truly harmonious relationship with the other. 

It is not just the Sun Signs that are required for an accurate assessment but a careful comparison of many horoscope details. Because information about the compatibility of Sun Signs is widely available even those who know little else about astrology are able to say which Sun Signs are compatible with their own. But it is possible for two fire signs (considered compatible by being of the same element) to have significant discordant elements between their birth charts.  

The refined art of horoscope compatibility is called Synastry. This word comes from the Greek prefix, syn (mutual bringing together) and astry (astron-star). The greatest value of Synastry probably lies in its ability to access the compatibility of prospective partners in marriage. Synastry can identify those areas of a partnership where the chances of compatibility are greatest and those areas where they are the least so that the partners can build on the strengths of the relationship in order to offset and eventually overcome the weaknesses.

Both the Psyche and Eros Relationship Report and the Compatibility and Conflict Report are excellent, professional, thorough, analysis reports based on traditional, tried and true methods. 

There are several methods for determining astrological compatibility. There are the classical, traditional, rules, and there are new, modern techniques. The traditional seems to be the most consistently reliable and of all the modern techniques, the Composite Chart has had astonishing and consistent results. This method is derived by computing a horoscope that represents the relationship itself. The ‘Lovers Compatibility Report’ and the ‘Friends Compatibility Report’ also include Composite Chart anaylsis combined with traditional compatibility interpretation.

Traditionally Venus is important in love; it describes a person’s attractiveness, good looks, and charm but also how a person gives and receives love. Venus and Mars and how they pair up between two people give the description of the physical magnetism and harmony between people and the degree of sexuality as a factor in the attraction. Aspects between Venus and Uranus usually are an indication of physical attraction and also perhaps some erratic behavior, or out of the ordinary pattern, to the relationship. Aspects with the Moon and Venus tell a lot about whether a pair will do well as marriage partners and how harmonious cohabitation will be.  

In a male horoscope the Moon and Venus are significators of the feminine side of his nature and the type of woman to whom he is likely to be attracted to. Conversely, in a female horoscope, the Sun and Mars represent the masculine side of her nature and the type of man to whom she is likely to be attracted to.  


It is said in astrology circles, that “Nothing can come to pass that is not shown in the Nativity”. Within your own horoscope it is shown, your attitude toward relationships, what events could trigger these attitudes, what your relationship potential is, and what kind of relationship would work for you. Of these reports the ‘Lovers Compatibility Report’ and the ‘Friends Compatibility Report’ contain a section that analyzes the individual’s relationship potentials and tendencies. If you do not have a copy of your own chart you get it here at our ‘Free Birth Chart’ option. 

You may have heard the expression, “Timing is everything”, well astrology is about time, cycles, and patterns. There is a pattern to the flow of love in everyone’s life, a time when it is easy, and times when then there are challenges, times when there are opportunities, and times when there is a void. Perhaps you have intuitive feel about your own readiness and timing, but the Love and Romance Forecast Report can be a revealing guide to your trends and transits in your love life. 

Looking for an inexpensive review of the basic components of astrological compatibility between two people? Try our Cosmo Compatibility for only $2.95 and get an interpretation of all the important contacts between two charts and the explanation of all the essential horoscope compatibility.  



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Psyche & Eros Relationship Report            (A deeper look at your bond)






Compatibility & Conflict Report     (Making conflict work out for you)





Composite Chart 

(What is my relationship about?)





Free Birth Chart 



Love&Romance Forecast 

(When will love come my way?/how will my relationship progress?)





Cosmo Compatibility 

(How do we line up?)






Friends Compatibility

(How will we get along?)




Lovers Compatibility

(A thorough analysis of your romance)