astrological compatibility



Mission Statement


To Promote mutual understanding, tolerance, and unconditional acceptance between people.

Regardless of the type of relationship, whether it be husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, man to man, woman to woman, parent to child, friend to friend, friend to prospective lover, employee and employer, or even business partners, the problems arise predominantly because of expectations.

Many expectations are placed on people because we don't know who they are and what is in their nature.

Amazingly Astrology describes what an individual likes, dislikes, needs, has a talent for, what they may be uncapeable of, and how they love.

The more we know about others the less we impose our expectations upon them that may be beyond the range of their nature and the more we can accept them, adapt to them, and let them be who they are.

Here are several tools you can use to find out about your relationships and their potentials at very little cost. Enjoy!

astrological compatibility


Psyche & Eros Relationship Report            (A deeper look at your bond)






Compatibility & Conflict Report     (Making conflict work out for you)





Composite Chart 

(What is my relationship about?)





Free Birth Chart 



Love&Romance Forecast 

(When will love come my way?/how will my relationship progress?)





Cosmo Compatibility 

(How do we line up?)






Friends Compatibility

(How will we get along?)




Lovers Compatibility

(A thorough analysis of your romance)