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What is a Composite Chart?

The concept is so simple.  A composite chart is a compatibility chart simply made up of the mutual midpoints between the natal charts of two different persons— the composite Sun is located at the midpoint between the two natal Suns, the composite Moon is at the midpoint between the two natal Moons, and so on. What results is a new, artificially-produced compatibility chart that literally describes the relationship by showing the new horoscope.

The Composite Chart Report analyzes romantic relationships by analyzing the composite chart in detail. Composite charts are a very popular form of compatibility chart among professional astrologers for a very simple reason: they work!  The compatibility of the rising sign and decanate, as well as signs on other cusps, house and sign placements, aspects, and midpoint structures are interpreted

The analysis of the Composite Chart Report reveals important insights into the dynamics of a couple. Basic relationship dynamics and themes are explained in detal so that you can get a sense of what your relationship is about and where it might be headed.

Learn to harness the energies created by the more difficult aspects in a composite chart, and to appreciate the positive energies that are natural!

This amazing 'composite' technique is evidence that there is more to compatibility than just your zodiac sign compatibility.

Things that can be indicated in a Composite Chart:

  • The circumstances surrounding the first meeting or the beginning of the relationship 
  • The end of a relationship 
  • Different stages of development of the relationship over time 

Although most successful astrological techniques have long histories of usage which may go back as far as the ancient Greeks and Babylonians, the Composite Chart is by these standards brand-new. Zodiac sign compatibility is probably the oldest and the most tried and true. This new compatibility chart, the Composite Chart, however, probably has its origins in Germany in the1920ʼs, but it only came into use when John Townley introduced it in America in the early 1970ʼs. Unlike the plethora of other new and often doubtful techniques which were being tried out during this period, the Composite Chart turned out to be so consistently and often brilliantly revealing that it was taken up by virtually every astrologer and a generation later has become a standard technique for analyzing personal relationships.

10-15 pages, Birth date, time, and place required for both people



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(excerpt from 'Composite Chart Report')

Sun Square Mars

At the very least you excite each other and arouse very strong energies within your partner and you will have to learn how to handle passion, anger and conflict in positive and creative ways. You will find that when you are together that you can be extremely competitive, anxious, boisterous, and energetic.

If you are looking for a relationship that is quiet and calm, then you have the WRONG relationship here. But if you harness all of this energy to create something, then you can make wonders happen together. The desire to win, to compete, to excel, to make war instead of peace, to encourage each other to succeed and to be courageous exist in this truly dynamic aspect. Remember, however, that because these energies are so aggressive and irritating, they must be channeled constructively or very negative results will occur. If you allow the negatives to operate, then the question is, "Which one of you will be the bigger bully to the other?".

This combination demands activity and accomplishment and that should be the underlying element in your relationship. Because this aspect also generates a great deal of heat, the sexual, lustful and communicative levels will all be quite intense as well.

There is a great deal of self-confidence generated here, so try not to force issues beyond a workable level. Games of competition, physical exertion and sports are an excellent way to use this tremendous energy. As with other intense energies, you must be careful how you use this energy so you do not hurt other people around you. Because this aspect is so impulsive, you should be careful that the aggressive nature of this energy does not turn into anger and that you do not resort to physical abuse or injury to settle your differences.

Sun Trine Uranus

By virtue of the energy given by this aspect, there will be many changes introduced into both your lives. This configuration adds adventure, unconventional behavior, experimentation and new thoughts, ideas and philosophies into your lives. You will respect the other's need for space and freedom and although other people may look at you as though you have taken a left turn out of reality, this relationship will be comfortable for you. Although there will be many sudden and unusual happenings, you have the ability to deal with them in a positive way and thus grow from these lessons.

Together you will experience new ideas and concepts and your lives together will be full, with no expectations other than the joy of just being together. You will find that your relationship gives you both new understandings into the workings of the world, thus opening you up to new ways of self-expression.

10-15 pages, Birth date, time, and place required for both people



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