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Love & Romance Forecast Report

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For people very concerned about love and romance, this report focuses just on these issues. This report outlines the aspects between the transiting planets and the following three natal planets; Moon, Venus, and Pluto in order to produce your love horoscope.

Forecast Reports predict future trends—what is likely to occur over the coming period. This report is about you - it is not a relationship report - it is about your timing, moods, and periods of attraction. Yet it can be helpful for love horoscope compatibility, especially when combined with other reports of astrological compatibility. You do not need to understand the astrological techniques of transits to read this report—it is written so that non-astrologers as well as astrologers can read them.

The Love & Romance Forecast Report is a great aid for love horoscope compatibility and explores transits to your chart that are relevant in terms of attracting and enhancing love and romance. This report will not tell you when you will fall in love, or when you will get married. However, it reveals the possible themes you will encounter in your love life over the course of the coming year or for a three month period.

3 mos: $ 5.95 

(Approximately 12 pages)

1 yr: $19.95 

(Approximately 60-70 pages)

 Your report will be cast for one year starting on the day of order placement, unless otherwise specified.



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 Excerpt from SAMPLE



During this time you will obtain an important level of communication with your family. You will reach a strong mutual understanding and will discover securities in the heart of your family that up until now you had not been able to realize. You will find a balance between two poles that generally are not easy to conciliate: on one hand your own personal freedom, and on the other your need for an emotional relationship with the people most dear to you. Communication with your family will be more fluent now, and they will understand you better. There is a possibility of going on a trip or going to cultural or social events with them.

Sentimentally you are much freer now, since you have surpassed certain complexities or self-limitations that had been limiting your emotional expression. Now, however, you are balanced because you are capable of wanting and loving, and at the same time preserving your personal freedom. In good measure, your ideals related to the feelings, the family or love can be fulfilled during this harmonious aspect of transiting Uranus to Moon. At the same time you are becoming more idealistic in love and your affections, since more than ever you can see the positive side in your sentimental and family relationships. Upon seeing what is positive, the positive seems to grow and expand, which produces a relaxing and healing effect on you.

Your sentimental intuition increases at this time, and you are able to anticipate situations that could happen in the immediate future, which will help you to act in a sensitive and intelligent way in sentimental matters.

There is a possibility to make new friendships that could turn into romance. Because of this, if you are not involved with anyone, this would be a good time to establish contact with someone that could awaken your romanticism. You could meet that person on a trip, in artistic or cultural environments or through the introduction of a friend.

If you already are engaged or married, you will note that the communication with your companion will be very intuitive now, and between both of you a sixth sense will emerge through which your emotional and psychic communication will be almost instant. Each of you will feel or capture the other's feelings or even thoughts that had not been physically communicated or spoken. It is an excellent time to increase and strengthen a real friendship with your mate, since friendship always is the basis of a stable and dynamic emotional relationship. Now you will be fascinated to talk about a multitude of topics, to exchange ideas, to plan projects and perhaps to study something together. Thus, this astrological aspect promotes sensibility and psychic intuition as well as a dynamic exchange of ideas, thoughts and plans.


The Love & Romance Forecast Report  is a great complimentary tool in your search for love horoscope compatibility




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