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  • A variety of astrological compatibility reports based on your birth chart. Analyze relationships and find the zodiac horoscope sign of friends, lovers, children, or business partners.
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  • Astrology reports for analyzing horoscope compatibility between two people. Online reports based on your birth chart analyze love horoscope compatibility and couple horoscope compatibility
  • Couple horoscope compatibility revealed with several astrological compatibility report options. Psyche & Eros Relationship report for making love work with the aid of mutual understanding.
  • Forecast love and romance. Love horoscope compatibility depends on readiness and magnetism; the Love and Romance forecast outlines astrology timing, opportunities, and periods for natural attraction
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  • Find out the zodiac sign compatibility between friends, lovers, children, or business partners. Real time reports to compare and analyze zodiac sign compatibility online.
  • Astrological compatibility to interpret two birth charts and determine zodiac compatibility. Analysis designed to enlighten platonic and/or romantic relationships. Buy online.
  • A horoscope compatibility chart that describes relationship in one chart called the Composite Chart; available online. Describes relationship, its changes, timing, challenges, and capacity for love.
  • Astrology website designed for those interested in love and relationship and would like some authoritative and accurate information from a sound source. Practicing Professional Astrologer for over 35 years this project is a specialty covering just one area of astrology. This design is by professional astrologer, Jesie Len Gallagher, and you can reach her at (843) 399-2990 for more information or personal readings and view her comprehensive website and complete sort of reports at or email her at


Psyche & Eros Relationship Report            (A deeper look at your bond)






Compatibility & Conflict Report     (Making conflict work out for you)





Composite Chart 

(What is my relationship about?)





Free Birth Chart 



Love&Romance Forecast 

(When will love come my way?/how will my relationship progress?)





Cosmo Compatibility 

(How do we line up?)






Friends Compatibility

(How will we get along?)




Lovers Compatibility

(A thorough analysis of your romance)