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Zodiac Compatibility

What is Your Zodiac Compatibility?

The Compatibility Report 

-Lovers Compatibility (Romantic)

zodiac compatibility romantic 

Zodiac Compatibility

This most popular zodiac compatibility  report analyzes the relationship between any two people for astrological  compatibility. A co-worker, your boss, a family member or a new love interest or anyone else for whom you would like to compare your relationship potential with.



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This report is complete, thorough, and exhaustive! It even includes interpretations for 2 different astrological comparison techniques!

1. A section which reveals the houses (with birth times) each planet falls into in the other person's chart. What brought you together? Was it destiny, magnetic attraction or karma? You will gain tremendous insight into what makes the other person "tick". Reveals their personal needs, desires, approach to life and personality.

2. An entire section devoted to composite chart interpretations. Discover - the potential destiny and outcome of the relationship. Composite positions are arrived at by combining the two charts into one using a special technique known as midpoints. A real plus found in this report is sound advice on handling areas of difference and how to better appreciate each other's unique personalities.

 The Compatibility Report reveals the most significant issues of the zodiac compatibility and emphasizes these issues by placing them at the beginning of the report in a separate chapter. This incredibly perceptive report offers insights on how to handle problem areas and better appreciate one another.

There is a separate provided for romantic and non-romantic relationships. 12-14 pages.



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The Compatibility Report

-Friends Compatibility (Platonic)

zodiac compatibility platonic

Zodiac Compatibility


What is the zodiac compatibility of your friendship?

 Could your friend become a lover?

Or are you just interested in the zodiac compatibility in a platonic sense?

A Friendship Analysis Report reveals insights into any of your friends relationships. Reading this report will help you understand your relationship to your friends, colleagues,and acquaintances better by understanding the zodiac compatibility. The interpretations are very accurate and provide information on how to keep your friendships strong and harmonious.

This report describes a comparison of temperaments and life styles that affect your ability to harmonize with each other, major themes in the relationship, destiny and final outcome of your relationship, and other important issues in your relationship. This report reveals what works well in the relationship and what needs to be worked on. It highlights temperaments and personalities and could be helpful to those looking to enter a business relationship or lease an apartment together. This report can be used between any couple that is platonic, including parent/child, employer/employee, and business partnerships.



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Composite Chart 

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